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Pizza on the Green

Located on the grounds of the Barbados Golf Club, “Pizza on the Green”… a convenient option, offering pick-up or delivery pizza.  Freshly oven baked, we have a wide selection of hand-tossed pizzas to choose from.

PLEASE NOTE — We are fully open to everyone with a dine-in service, free pick-up or a B$ 10 delivery facility from our menus (see below).  All items can be ordered by calling 538-4658 and will be ready for pick-up 30 minutes later.

Adjacent to “Pizza on the Green”…“19 on the Green” is an American style sports bar & cafe with a wide array of drinks and meals. Every seat in the bar has a close up view of big screen TV’s showcasing all of the major sporting events from around the globe.

(Dine-In… Free Pick-Up… or Delivery B$ 10)

13″ – B$ 27.00
15″ – B$ 38.00
Delivery B$ 10


Bell Peppers, Olives, Eggplant,
Zucchini, Mushrooms, 

13″ – B$ 38.00
15″ – B$ 48.00
Delivery B$ 10

Meat Feast

Ham, Bacon, Beef, Mushrooms, Peppers and Onions.

13″ – B$ 35.00
15″ – B$ 44.00
Delivery B$ 10


Skate Fish, Shrimp, Onion,
Ginger, Coriander & Mozzarella.

13″ – B$ 25.00
15″ – B$ 35.00
Delivery B$ 10


Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Garlic
and a Drizzle of Olive Oil.

13″ – B$ 30.00
15″ – B$ 39.00
Delivery B$ 10

Four Cheese

White Ricotta Base, Gorgonzola
Parmesan & Cheddar.

13″ – B$ 27.00
15″ – B$ 38.00
Delivery B$ 10


Ham and Pineapple…
The Controversial Classic.

13″ – B$ 29.00
15″ – B$ 40.00
Delivery B$ 10

Diavolo (Spicy)

Pepperoni, Garlic, Oregano,
Thai Chilies, Basil, Goat’s Cheese.

13″ – B$ 35.00
15″ – B$ 44.00
Delivery B$ 10

Reggae Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken, Peppers, Onions
Chili Flakes, and Oregano.

13″ – B$ 30.00
15″ – B$ 40.00
Delivery B$ 10


White Ricotta Base, Mushrooms,
Oregano, Parsley.

13″ – B$ 30.00
15″ – B$ 40.00
Delivery B$ 10


Tomato Base, Mushrooms,
Bacon, Eggs, Mozzarella.

(Dine-In… Free Pick-Up… or Delivery B$ 10)

B$ 22.00
Add Chicken or Fish B$ 10
Add Shrimp B$ 14

Club House Salad

Served with Lettuce, Tomato,
Olives, Mushrooms & Feta.

B$ 28.00
Add Fries B$ 6

Coconut Shrimp

Fresh Shrimp in Coconut Batter
Served with Sweet Chili Sauce.

B$ 20.00
(8 Pieces)

BBQ or Buffalo Wings

Succulent Chicken Wings
Served with Special Sauce.

B$ 25.00
Add Fries B$ 6

Chicken Nuggets

Crispy Chicken Nugget Basket
with Your Choice of Dips.

B$ 16.00
(8 Pieces)
Get 16 for B$ 30

Salt Fish Cakes

Old Fashioned Salt Fish Cakes
Served with Our Special Sauce.

B$ 10.00
Fully Loaded B$ 12

Classic Hot Dog

Classic American-Style Hot Dog.
Get One with All the Toppings!

(Dine-In… Free Pick-Up… or Delivery B$ 10)

B$ 28.00
Add Fries B$ 6

Club Sandwich

Traditional Club Sandwich
with White or Whole-Wheat.

B$ 15.00
Add Cheese B$ 3

Grilled Panini

Ham or Tuna with
Sweetcorn & Mayo.

B$ 23.00
Add Fries B$ 6

Bajan Style Fish Cutter

Served in Bajan Salt Bread
with Lettuce, Tomatoes &
Tartar Sauce.

B$ 17.00
Add Fries B$ 6

Bajan Ham Cutter

Served in Bajan Salt Bread
with Lettuce, Tomatoes &
Home Cured Ham.

Veggie Wrap B$ 20
Chicken Wrap B$ 25
Fish Wrap B$ 28


A Healthier Option.

B$ 6.00

Add French Fries

Add Crispy French Fries
to Any Light Bite or Sandwich.

(All Served with French Fries, Mash or Rice… and a Local Salad)

(Dine-In… Free Pick-Up… or Delivery B$ 10)

B$ 28.00
Add Extras B$ 4.00 ea.

Home Made Beef Burger

Fresh Bun, Lettuce & Tomato.
Extras Include: Cheese, Bacon,
Mushrooms, Jalapenos.

B$ 18.00

Classic Roti

Chicken & Potato Roti
with Slaw & Chutney.

B$ 40.00

BBQ Ribs

Served with Fries, Macaroni Pie,
Corn & Tomato Coleslaw. 

B$ 30.00

Catch of the Day

Served Either Blackened, Spicy, Grilled or Pan-Fried.

B$ 24.00
Add Bacon B$ 4
Add Chicken or Fish B$ 8

Pasta & Garlic Bread

Linguine or Penne with
Alfredo, Tomato or Pesto Sauce.

B$ 20.00
(1/4 Bird Portion)
Get 1/2 Bird for B$ 30

Rotisserie Chicken

Slow Cooked and Served
with Fries or Mac Pie & Salad.

Your Choice…

Fries, Mash or Rice?

All Big Bites are Served with
Your Choice and a Local Salad.

Pick Up or Delivery

Dial 538 4658

We Offer Pick Up…
or Local Delivery for B$ 10.


B$ 6.00

Classic Beers

Banks (Bottle)
Deputy (Bottle)
Stag (Bottle)

Banks Bucket (8 Beers) – B$40

B$ 8.00

Premium Beers

Carib (Bottle), Heineken (Bottle),
Guinness (Bottle), Stella (Bottle)
Banks (330ml Can)

B$ 7.00

Classic Rums

Mount Gay Eclipse
Doorley (5 yr old)
Cockspur 5 Star

B$ 8.00 – B$ 11.00

Premium Rums

Dorley XO – B$ 8
Cockspur Old Gold – B$ 8
Mount Gay B/Barrel – B$ 9
Mount Gay XO – B$ 11

B$ 10.00 – B$ 13.00

Classic Liquors

Beehive Brandy – B$ 10
Smirnoff Vodka – B$ 12
Absolut Vodka – B$ 12
J&B Whiskey – B$ 12
Dewar’s White Whiskey- B$ 12
Tanqueray Gin – B$ 13

B$ 14.00 – B$ 16.00

Premium Liquors

Dewar’s 12 Whiskey – B$ 14.00
Johnny Walker Black – B$ 14.00
Grey Goose Vodka – B$ 15.00
Hennessey VSOP – B$ 16.00
Courvoisier Cognac – B$ 16.00
Remy Martin Cognac – B$ 16.00

B$ 5.00

Classic Sodas

All Served in Bottles.




B$ 4.00 – B$ 6.50

Specialty Drinks

Bottled Water – B$ 4.00
LLB – B$ 6.50
PowerAde – B$ 6.50
Plus – B$ 6.50
Coconut Water – B$ 6.50


What People are Saying…

“Great value!”

“One of the nicest pizza joints on the island.  Great value!”

Tony C.

“Tasty Pizza”

“Tasty pizza and a nice atmosphere. ”

Mike H.

“Very Fast Delivery”

“The pizza arrived in 15 minutes… very fast delivery.”

Jan M.

“Friendly Service.”

“Perfect place to relax after a round… Really friendly service.”

Akira H.

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